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I write things, and I like to snap pictures.

I love to shoot fine art films, especially portra 400 and velvia film slides and ilford b&w!

This blog began as a love letter to rome, a photoblog and travelogue of Italy, mainly (art, history, culture and literary-focused). It has travels to other spots, and some creative writing prose based on whims, moods, and ideas. 

My travel writing is featured in the magazine Made In Italy, and in various travel guides, magazines, and sites. 

I’ve been researching for an ‘off the beaten path, head stuck in the English Romantics’, European artists’ and American writers’ footsteps of the ruins, art, cafes & pastoral scenes of Rome (and Empire’) for years now, I hope to actually get a written manuscript (with some film shots) completed by 2017. Think a 21st century retracing of the 17th and 18th century Grand Tours.

Rebecca Butler

Last trip to Italy was October 2016. 

Next one is Europe / UK in Jan 2017.

Last trip to elsewhere in Europe was Spring 2016 to Berlin Germany and Dublin, Ireland.

Want to read a bit on how I see the cities of Italy?

An Italian Journey  

Read the blog entries by city/country hereFH090002tumblr_m3j3wxYOkQ1qznevxo1_1280Why do I love Rome/Naples/Italy/travel so much?

(On why I love Rome)  AND (An Italian Journey) – my thoughts on the major cities of Italy and their charm. 

Rome, and the extended Roman Empire in Italy, the art, history, architecture, landscape, people and culture represent everything I live for pretty much! 

Italy is the perfect place to chase beauty, face death, feel life more intensely, see the ravages of time and space, and learn the philosophy of far niente (the art of doing nothing and being tremendously happy whilst doing it)

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, & the Plymouth and Cape areas by the sea.

Please link & credit me for my photographs. This is my passion project. I have them stolen very very often but I almost always find out. Thank you!

Beautiful architecture in Rome at the Piazza Navona. Portra film. Gorgeous Sorrento view of the bay and Vesuvius from my hotel terrazzo at the Excelsior Vittoria. Portra film.The Raphäel murals rooms at the Villa Farnesina in Trastevere, Rome. Special retro high color Kodak film.Flowers in the garden of the Villa San Michele on ana Capri on the isle of Capri. Velvia film slides.

The pincian hill sunset views of Rome. Digital.

Sunset on the piazza del popolo in Rome. iPhone.Golden hour at the villa borghese park, Rome. Portra film.

The Keats Shelley House at the piazza do spagna. Portra film.Colossal close up, Vatican museum. Digital.Goddess at the Vatican. Digital.Caesar and ruins. Digital.Sorrento sweeping lush view. Velvia film slides.Amazing Roman church. Digital.Capri. Portra film.View of the faraglioni rocks, Capri. Portra film.Capri water. Velvia film slides.Rome at dusk. Digital.Naples alegway. Digital.Caravaggio in a Roman church. Digital.Byzantine touches in a Roman church.The golden hour. Rome. Color art film.Trastevere dogs. Portra film.Roman cat. Portra film.Twin cupolas. Popolo in Rome. Portra film.Capri la Scalinatella hotel view. Digital.Fresh fruit juice stand. Capri. Velvia film slide.

Cafe Greco. Rome. iPhone.

FH030013Capri view of Tyrrhenian Sea. Portra film.vaticanmuseum1The Borgia rooms in the Vatican. Digital.tumblr_mczflnA3Tf1qznevxo1_1280Colossal. Capitoline hill. Rome. Digital.napi5Spaccanapoli. Digital.

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  1. Herman says:

    Thank you for following HoB. Much appreciated! I’ll be hanging around here.

  2. Tanya says:

    Lovely blog. I also have a thing for Rome, having studied there for a term in college, I left a piece of my heart there. I’ll be following your lovely pictures.

    1. champagne says:

      Thank you!! Oh you must have had a wonderful time studying in Rome – I wish I could have done that too. I’m so glad you loved it too!

  3. dre lynn says:

    great to hear/know more about you. thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. champagne says:

      Thank you! And I am thrilled I found your blog – love it!

  4. Rebecca, you have a wonderful blog and I especially enjoy your enthusiasm for life and, of course, all things Italian. I too love Italy, ancient art(Geco-Roman), archaeological sites, food, wine, festivals, and on it goes. I have a website as well, please feel free to check it out. All the best, and glad we connected.

    1. Thanks!!! I’m bookmarking your site and love your blog! Italy, the great amore for those who have fallen for its fatal charms!

      1. Thank you for your kind words, Rebecca. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  5. thank you for following my version of an “off the beaten path” blog – LondonUnveiled.com – I hope you enjoy it. All the best, Ian

    1. Yes! Thank you Ian! I’m a big Brit fan and I’m hoping to return to London for a visit soon!!!

    1. Thank you!!!! Italy is the greatest muse in the world!

  6. Please accept my apologies for the communication in this open forum. Please feel free to delete after upon read. >> A Letter to the Nominees http://wp.me/p3Lipj-12D

  7. EDiEMONSTA says:

    Hi Ana Is! Your website is wonderful! Looking forward to digging deeper into your work!


  8. Robbie Robertson says:

    Loved your love of Rome before I fell in love with Rome.Got to go now.

  9. Wonderful, congratulations
    A smile

  10. adnica211 says:

    lovely blog, i enjoyed reading your posts. keep them coming!

  11. It’s easy to spend hours with this blog. It is terrific.

    1. Thank you! That is really kind of you to write! It’s great getting back into writing for this, and working on pictures to convey how I feel about Italy and other things.

  12. chithankalai says:

    Will follow. I like the way you express what you feel. Keep Going, please

  13. Antonio says:

    Great blogs come from great passions! Rome is a very inspiring town and it seems that you got to the heart of it!

    1. I hope so… Once my classes are finished I’m returning to researching my book on Italy and writing more blog posts about its intricacies !

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