Cohasset, Massachusetts, November 2018

A contemplative wintry misty autumnal drive two years ago that remains in my heart. I love where I live. New England. My region in Massachusetts and the very nearby surrounding towns and villages. Covid lockdown for several months compounded with 2 and a half years of grief makes me long for long drives and photo walks again. Stay tuned.

off the beaten path via li campi & via posterula

I’ve gotten to know the ancient island of Capri and ana Capri fairly well over the last ten or so years and love still getting a bit lost when I go off the beaten path.


A quiet, labyrinthine neighborhood, Via li Campi, away from the crowds of Capri Town.


I wandered without a map past schoolchildren as they walked home from school. I wanted to find a local place not marked by tourists.


This was probably one of my favorite afternoons. I like to get a little bit lost in old neighborhoods.


Every corner held a new surprise… usually just another curvy turn but still, it was a surprise.


This was a tiny apartment courtyard . I would love to know the history of these walls and stairs.


I could walk this path all day. There’s a quiet in the shadows I long for.


So many colors and hues over decades.


Via Posterula


Further into the maze of private pedestrian streets.


One can hear the call of birds and the echo of footsteps on the rock.


Here the gardens are on the rooftops or behind high walls in private courtyards.


There are Capri hand painted tiles were all over the small neighborhoods.cap8

Ana Capri is a great place to buy the artisan handmade tiles. I brought a few back home myself.


I’m working on a piece I did on my favorite tile shop, an interview with the owners and a photographic tour of the shop. I should be publishing it in the next few days.


I’m sort of in love with the world today and it’s stormy for the second day on my third and a half day on Capri. It’s raining buckets with a shocking blue sky far off in the distance over Ischia or is it Sorrento? Half of the soaring limestone cliffs are hidden in a thick dark mist, half reflect the sharp light of a distant sun, outlining every crevice and the soft wine and green colored trees and shrubs. Waiting for a dry spell to venture out.

I let myself wander and ramble yesterday all day, down residential and abandoned paths, treacherous back roads, scenic tumbles, until I was as lost as possible and magically found my way back again in a series of small adventures. Meeting wonderful people from all over the world with fascinating thoughts and good conversation. Followed by hours of silence and reflection, just walking and absorbing.

Exotic, lovely birds singing and whirring by from morning till night, the eternal scent of newly blossoming white lilacs perfuming the sea air, a sudden intake of breath mixed with the thrill of fear as a black snake slithers near underfoot to lie in the sun and I retreat my sandaled foot, not daring to cross over it like a sign of foreboding.

Finally reading Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby – it’s beautiful prose making me a little drunk and dreamy, better than any champagne.