Roman Cats


The cats of Rome.

FH010021Watching over the Theatre of Pompey.


The Portra 400 and 800 35mm film really brings out the colors and tones of the beautiful cats.

FH010023Through the looking glass.


One can imagine how far back into ancient Rome these cats ancestry lies.


Pink shoes and rich fur.


A job well done.

//photographs copyright rebecca price butler …  find my work on tumblr & pinterest … please link & credit me.

4 thoughts on “Roman Cats

  1. There used to be so many more cats about Rome..recall Pasolini’s line “poor as a cat of the Colosseum”..As with so many things, however, probably actually positive, but so much less, well, ‘picturesque’ if you will

    You have some beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing & for reading – we look forward to seeing more

    – Misera e stupenda città

  2. Grazie mille… thank you! I was excited to find your blog. I don’t know much Italian but I always “plan” to begin studying it. I’ve been on tumblr for a long time but there isn’t the same interaction on there that I find is more user friendly on wordpress. What a great line… I will look that up… brilliant. I’ll go back over your archives – very intrigued by your writing so far.

  3. all cats are cool. calicos and black are my favorites. nice shots. is the orange one called jack? – because he has one eye?

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