A quick spot of Southern Italy & ART in Italy – travel advice requested by a traveler.


A little more travel advice!

If you like Artemisia Gentileschi you can see her work in Florence at the Uffizi and the Palazzo Pitti and in Rome at the Spada and in Sorrento at Villa Terranova di Correale off via Correale right off the Sorrento Centre Main Street and in Naples at the amazing Capidimonte Museum with a moss covered Naiid fountain and a sweeping view of Naples… She has four paintings. Caravaggio and any other greats are there. The Museo Archeologico houses treasures from ancient Rome, Greece and half of Pompeii!

If you do a day trip to Naples the waterfront Santa Lucia is fabulous, but must not miss the old Greek neighborhood off via Toledo called Spaccanapoli.

It is charm itself. It’s the Naples subterranean area and old cafés and baroque overhangs and market stalls. The alley ways are fascinating and brimming with life. Children play in the corners and bounce soccer balls off church walls. The Duomo is a beautiful church, the cloistered gardens of Majorca tiles are beautiful and there’s a stunning Caravaggio at a bank.

Don’t skip Caffe Gambrinus where Oscar Wilde drank and Gay Odin where he bought his chocolates… Both Art Nouveau late 19th century marble covered beautiful architecture. And have Neapolitan coffee! Try a nocciola, a hot espresso mixed with roasted hazelnuts cream for a delicious beverage or a caffe con panna, a hot espresso with fresh whipped cream on top.

And eat at an hosteria for lunch or a good pizzeria. I loved the seafood and the roasted Neapolitan vegetables! Hosteria Toledo is my favorite place and is in an alley way just off Via Toledo, the Main Street of shops.

4 thoughts on “A quick spot of Southern Italy & ART in Italy – travel advice requested by a traveler.

    1. Thank you Arran! I was in Dublin on the way in and out but sadly only in the airport. Still met a lot of lovely Irish people and had a few meals and some drinks and flew Aer Lingus both visits to Italy this year.

      Pretty likely going to do the big Ireland/London/Edinburgh trip in 2014.

      Definitely utilizing your writing and blog for Dublin inspiration!

      Love that the post made you want to be in Naples, by the way. Thinking about what I loved about it before I went out into the streets of Napoli was great fodder.

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