standing at the ruins on a quiet roman night

Rome is pieced together by fragments old and new; a broken clay pile of people who have lived and died, and are forgotten, rivaling the Monte Testaccio in size and obscurity.

Rome is the heaviness of time. It is the marks left on humanity. It is a walkable history book, forever unfolding its pages.

Rome is monuments of the big whigs leaving you breathless with their grand scale and an overwhelming rush of beauty.

‘Everyone is dead here’, the city whispers, in a voice softened against the bone-white marble of ruins.

The palatine lies silent under the stars. This is your one moment to catch your breath and savor Rome.

Try to stop time by breathing it in slowly. Hold it in, and take a sensory snapshot. Stand there, holding your breath, recording, feeling as immovable as a statue; a Henry James’ American willing a sacrifice to the pagan gods.

‘Just let me remember this. Let this enter me. The endlessness of it. The cobwebs. The broken stone. The bones. The dust. The pulse remaining somehow. Let me carry Rome where ever I go. Let it become a part of me. No, let me become a part of Rome. Another story never writ, another name unknown.’



13 thoughts on “standing at the ruins on a quiet roman night

  1. Wow! This is beautiful… the words and the pictures! A big thanks to Jane Dougherty for turning me on to your blog!

  2. I would like first of all to thank in advance the curators of this blog for the space allotted, because since time immemorial was looking for an opportunity to express my admiration for what was the Eternal City. Already, The Eternal City, just thinking about it, I shudder at how has been Immense. Rome, his rise has been extraordinary and seemed to be unstoppable. Characterized by an Invincible Army and a Fleet Unattainable, was able to extend its dominance everywhere and is still considered perhaps the Greatest Civilization of all time. And there, the Magic. Every People attached to the Empire, he felt. From Gaul to Dalmatia, from Britain to Cyrenaica. Such a vast Empire required efficient transportation routes and perfect organisation. Rome was so Majestic and wonderfully Beautiful, Man. Constantine turn in his Grave, seeing how it is reduced now. Now is the antithesis of hitself, only Ruins, although magnificient. From «Roma Caput Mundi» in Regional Capital, a total humiliation. Italy has now lost his sovereignty and is only a Province of Europe. Cruel fate…

  3. Salve a tutti, oggi vorrei parlarvi del concetto di Città Eterna. Già, la Città Eterna. Solo da una Città così meravigliosa e quasi Invincibile, poteva rifiorire una Straordinaria Potenza come fu Costantinopoli. Fondata dai Megaresi nel VII sec. AC col nome di Bisanzio, fu Costantino I a farne nel 330 la propria a Residenza e la Nuova Capitale dell’Impero per essere poi sostituita da Ravenna fino alla Caduta nel 476 DC. Certamente dovette essere stata una scelta dolorosa, ma in quei delicati momenti si doveva salvare l’Impero e non solo Roma. Costantinopoli divenne la Nuova Roma, fiorente e ricchissima al punto tale che assunse l’appellativo di Città D’Oro. La sua posizione strategica le permise di prosperare per molti secoli, ma dovette respingere innumerevoli attacchi, fu infatti la Città che subì il maggior numero di assalti nella Storia, capitolando per sole due volte. La prima per mano dei Crociati dopo lo Scisma d’Oriente nel 1054 e nel 1453 quando dovette cedere dopo anni di assedio sotto i colpi dell’Artiglieria Turca. Fu infatti solo grazie ad un’arma letale come il Cannone, in grado di lanciare contro le Mura enormi massi del peso di 300Kg, che i Turchi riuscirono a penetrare all’interno, prendendone il controllo. Per molti, la Caduta di Costantinopoli o Bisanzio, segnò la fine di un’epoca e ciò cambiò lo scacchiere mondiale. Credo che dopo Roma e Costantinopoli non ci fu mai una Nuova Città Eterna, ma il mondo entrò in una fase di mediocrità che prosegue ancora oggi. Pochi i lampi di Grandezza nei secoli a venire. Le due Città furono certamente le più ammirate e leggendarie della Storia dell’Umanità. Purtroppo di Costantinopoli ora rimane ben poco, la popolazione fu deportata o resa schiava di Turchi, la grandiosa Basilica di Santa Sofia è ora violata da Minareti. L’Occidente ha perso così un pezzo di anima e anche di cuore. Ora se l’Occidente non cambierà presto stereotipo, Roma potrebbe diventare la Nuova Istanbul. Il Piano Kalergi in atto e le Massonerie, come sostiene anche Don Curzio Nitoglia trascineranno la nostra evoluta Civiltà in un arcaico Sistema Medioevale. Ringrazio nuovamente i curatori di questo Blog per l’attenzione prestatami.

  4. I would Like first of all to thank in Advance the curators of this blog For the Space allotted, because now I feel the desire to expose my thoughts about the Wonderful Ruins, Immortals remind us all of the Great Past which made Legendary the Eternal City in the world. In some cases, travel to any location it may be nonsense but it is not true for Rome. Rome is the exception to the rule and is outside the box. See Rome under these conditions, with the Roman Forum in total abandonment, it’s just a knife, a knife that goes into the heart. A few days ago we celebrated the twenty-five hundred years after its Founding and has lost a unique opportunity to deliver to the world a Rome restored in all its Glory. It is said that there are no financial resources to do this, but in truth with all these scandals tied to theft of public money and Mafia phenomena, honestly I turns my stomach. Roma must be brought back to Life, now dying, is so neglected and does such tenderness. Thank You.

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