western civ

“There is no culture whatsoever in western culture” and “western civilization has contributed absolutely nothing to history ” are basically code for ‘I’m a philistine.’

It’s a comment on the loud and proud philistines who don’t do their research and remain ignorant by choice of the history of art, literature, philosophy, music, science, and more.We’re living in an era that is essentially the Age of the Philistine, where anti-culture is a populist trend, and comforts the often rabid fans of groupthink.

We’re dealing with the kind of masses who pride themselves on not self-educating beyond their own lifespans unless it’s a clickbait article they skimmed one time or a hashtag that instantly outrages them until the next hashtag and the next and the next.
Reading anything of depth or substance is so passé now that the most staunchly opinionated, reactionary and inflexible have never even tried it.

Sometimes I feel like we are along for the ride of other people’s drives off a cliff, their cold comfort hostage to our murder-suicide.

It is fitting somehow, dare I say even Romantic, that death cults now rise in Europe, and soon enough in America,  as culture itself breathes her very last.

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