Naples, Italy; seducing and fascinating me

Sorrento, Capri, and Napoli… The dreamlike beauties and chaotic back alleys of the Campania… Southern Italy… Always I hear the sirens call. Ruins, art, the pastoral by the sea, sweeping views, intense, looming cities and everything in between.
There were some days I had to dedicate to love and experience (so I took spontaneous shots with my iPhone) because if I don’t check myself I live, sleep, eat & breathe my cameras and film. (And men like attention sometimes)

9 thoughts on “Naples, Italy; seducing and fascinating me

  1. Eclectic group of photos capture the essence and beauty that is synomous with Italy! Thank you for sharing. I went to Italy two years ago in May and fell in love with it too! Going to Sicily next year!

  2. Amazing photos of Naples, you have the gift to frame the spirit of this crazy city in beautiful, spontaneous shots. Napoli, a world of its own with its own rules and style. Brava.

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